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CHINACOMPOSITE (Changshu Dongyu Insulated Compound Materials Co.,Ltd.) established in 1996. We are a technological type company specialized in fiberglass and FRP products, has staff of 516 people, company has passed the certification of ISO9001,UKAS and DNV-GL certified etc…

Our products: 

-Fiberglass Roving. (Direct roving / Assembled Roving.)
-Fiberglass Chopped Strand Mat. 
-Fiberglass Yarn.
-Fiberglass tissue. 
-Fiberglass woven fabric. 
-Fiberglass Combo Mats / Biaxial Mat / Triaxial mat 

China Jushi Fastest Growth Partner

Our market presence

1 %
inner chinese market

China consumes huge amount of fiberglass products. We have a few local clients who provide us 1/10 of our sales.

1 %
Export market

Inspite of size of Chinese local market, we focused on international trading. Most of our sales comes from abroad.

Fiberglass mat

Chopped strand mat (csm) also called fiberglass mat is a kind of glass fiber non-woven reinforcing material by chopping continuous strands into chopped strands of certain length (50mm) and uniformly in combination with polyester binder in powder or in emulsion form. Normally chopped strand mat 300g and 450g are regular, but we also produce according to customer requirements. Both emulsion and powder mat, from 100g to 900g per square meter.

Chopped strand mat is suitable for application by hand lay-up, reinforce and machine FRP molding, such as interior decoration of vehicles, boat hulls, sanitary ware, anticorrosive pipes, tanks, building materials, tables, chairs and all kinds of composite FRP products.

All kinds of rovings

  • E-glass Spray Up Roving
  • E-glass SMC Roving
  • E-glass Panel Roving
  • E-glass Roving For CSM
  • Direct Roving for Filament winding
  • Direct Roving for Pultrusion
  • Direct Roving for Weaving
  • E-glass Woven Roving​

E-glass Woven Roving

E-Glass Woven Rovings are bidirectional fabric made by interweaving direct rovings.

E-Glass Woven Rovings are compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy and phenolic resins.

E-Glass Woven Rovings are a high-performance reinforcement widely used in hand lay up and robot processes to manufacture boats, vessels, plane and automotive parts, furniture and sports facilities.

Area Weight (g/m2):200 ~ 1600

Width (mm):50 ~ 3000

Convenience in purchase​

CHINACOMPOSITE can cover most of needs related to fiberglass.

Own production. ​

We use the best quality raw materials in our production. Such as Jushi, O&C, Taishan.​

Convenience in communication​

Our sales managers speak 5 languages, which helps a lot in trading with China.​


As our warehouse and factory are located close to Shanghai port, we have very low logistics expenses.​

Looking for Partners

We are looking forward to cooperate with resellers and final users from all over the world. From our side we will provide the best conditions and stable quality.

Exported to 83 countries
Millions $ was the total sales amount in 2018
Years of experience

Quality assurance

Our goal is to build a long-term cooperation with our clients. Besides good service and attractive conditions, high quality is a key to productive long-term cooperation.

Our company pays a lot of attention to the quality of final products that we produce. 

We obtained the main certificates of the field in order to prove our quality.

Our Team

The whole DYF Group of companies has 516 workers.

Mr. Wu, the General Manager  of CHINACOMPOSITE (Changshu Dongyu Insulated Compound Materials Co.,Ltd.) used to work in top management of Jushi for around 18 years. We know all the processes and have mighty partners.



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